PaX-i - The Prime Choice for Digital Dental Imaging
Simple & Compact Design
PaX-i is small and compact in size and design. It`s designed to fit in the standard X-ray room.
No additional space is required.

EzDent 4.0 - Integrated Program for Diagnosis and Communication with Patient
"EzDent" is easy to learn and convenient to use. It is a communication and patient database tool.

In addition, various image formats are supported (bmp, jpg, tif, dcm, etc).

This program can easily be integrated with other clinical patient management systems.

Function Pano
Exposure Time TMJ: 3sec
Normal: 9.7sec
High Resolution : 13.5sec
Dimension (WxDxH mm) 1115x1150x2200
Weight 75kg
Generator Voltage: 50-80kVp
Current : 2-10 mA
Focal Spot 0.5 mm
Patient Position Standing/Wheel-chair accessible
FDD(SID) 531.2mm
Generator Continuous type
Gray Scale 14bit
Sensor Type CMOS
Pixel pitch 100μm
Panoramic Programs
Standard Panoramic Program: Normal / Narrow / Wide program
High-resolution program
Child program
TMJ Programs
Lateral / PA TMJ program -Bitewing
3 angles TMJ program (i)
Sinus Programs
Lateral / PA sinus program
3 angles sinus program (i)
Special Programs
Horizontal / Vertical
Segment programs
Cross-section (i)
* (i) stands for the intelligent mode with AMPT technology

Products Model: NIS-VAT-PANO09
Manufacturer: Vatech America
Condition: Refurbished
Warranty: 1 Year

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